• About Pinnacle Capital Partners
  • About Pinnacle Capital Partners

Founded in 2000, Pinnacle Capital Partners, a Great Falls company, was created with the vision of offering a more personal and creative financial avenue for vendors and small to mid-sized businesses.

With small business serving as the engine of the U.S. economy and providing the opportunity for the American dream for over half of the country’s workforce, it is more important than ever for vendors and businesses to have a specialized financial partner that understands the working needs of the most valuable sector in the U.S. economy.

Our average transaction size is $40,000, but don’t be afraid to think big. We underwrite leases up to $250,000. And our unique multi-tiered credit spectrum caters to your needs in a demanding business environment. From origination to servicing, Pinnacle Capital is your full spectrum equipment finance and leasing company.

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