Chris Unger

Chris Unger Pinnacle Capital PartnersChris Unger partnered with Pinnacle Capital in 2015 to create a real estate division for the company that will offer clients in house mortgage products that are secured by real estate equity. He is responsible for the sales, marketing and underwriting of all real estate backed loans.

Chris graduated from Washington State University with a major in Business-Finance. He went on to work as a banking loan officer in the Puget Sound area for several years before founding his own financing company in 1995 called Pacific Equity Group Inc. which specialized in funding real estate venture capital properties with private investors. In 2002 Pacific Equity Group acquired Capital Investment Corporation of Washington aka (CICW) from Ottie Ladd and Michael Pinch. CICW was then merged with the parent company Pacific Equity Group.

Over the last 20 years, Chris managed Pacific Equity Group where he underwrote and funded private real estate equity loans. He also began a career as a Puget Sound developer focusing on commercial and residential raw land projects. At his peak he had developed several hundred building lots and four large apartment sites. The Martin Luther King-Housing District Association purchased the bulk of the apartment sites as low income housing projects.

Chris has been active in the Puget Sound commercial lending and development fields for more than 25 years. His primary expertise and focus is on private real estate equity financing.

Direct: 253.284.5632
Cell: 253.858.4440